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Gino di Maggio

Enlarge the picture © Foundation of Doubt

A passionate collector, Gino di Maggio has agreed to lend part of his personal collection so as to further enrich the Foundation of doubt.

Born in Novara Di Sicilia (Sicile) in 1940, he is the founder and president of the Fondazione Mudima de Milan, the premier Italian foundation for contemporary art.

The foundation has organized in Milan a large number of monographic exhibitions showcasing Allan Kaprow, Yoko Ono, Daniel Spoerri, Nam June Paik, Marcel Duchamp, César, Arman, Piero Manzoni, Ben Vautier, Joseph Beuys, Takako Saito, Ben Patterson, Milan Knizak, Sandro Chia, Lee U Fan, Kazuo Shiraga and Kim Moon Seup; in most cases, the artists were asked to draw up specific projects for their exhibitions.

He is director of the revue Alphabeta 2.

In the late 1960s, he enlivened the Italian and international cultural scene by organizing biennial events, festivals and other happenings.

Finally, he is a writer and editor of works and reviews.

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