Fondation du doute Ben&Fluxus à Blois


The Permanent Collections

“The Foundation of doubt is not just fluxus, but fluxus, non-fluxus, anti-fluxus, low fluxus and post-fluxus. The Foundation of doubt, it is disorder that changes the world. There will be a floor dedicated to fluxus and a floor dedicated to whatever is living art, doubt, creation, everything that is disruptive, alive and with roots containing Duchamp and John Cage.”

— Ben

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The Foundation of Doubt is as far from a traditional museum as is the Fluxus movement from static art. All of the artworks presented, which have been brought together by Ben during his itinerary with the complicity of other artists and collectors (first and foremost, Gino di Maggio) engage the spectator, encouraging reflection and participation. On the two levels of the exhibition, no less than 50 artists and more than 300 works compel the visitor to question. Among the artists, you will (re)discover not only the founding fathers of the Fluxus movement (John Cage, Marcel Duchamp and Érik Satie), but also their disciples from across the artistic spectrum: Robert Filliou, Yoko Ono, Allan Kaprow, George Maciunas and, obviously, Benjamin Vautier...

And then there are the personalities called upon exceptionally, and whose temporary exhibitions further animate this singularly vibrant space, with its reading tables and a screen projecting Fluxus films and historic performances.

Fondation du doute - Ben & Fluxus collection
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