Fondation du doute Ben&Fluxus à Blois


The Pavillon

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Within the confines of a 19th-century cloister, a totally glazed exhibition pavilion provides space for special events, monographic exhibitions, lectures, concerts … and video projections in a specific room.

This modular 210 m² exhibition space is in direct connection with the premises and collections of the Foundation of Doubt; access is free.

Event scheduling is carried out in conjunction with the art school and the partners of the Foundation of Doubt.

The courtyard serves as a venue for the performing arts; equipped by Fluxus, over the summer and the fall it is conducive to the organization of concerts, theatrical (or other)r performances, and diversified special events. It is directly connected to the Court of Doubt by the central passageway open in the middle of the Wall of Words.

Three exhibitions a year, associated with the artists' residences and capped by special events, are part and parcel of the artistic presence of the Foundation of Doubt.

Fondation du doute - Ben & Fluxus collection
- Public Entrance : 14 rue de la Paix /41000 Blois
- Administration Offices : 6 rue Franciade
02 54 55 37 48