Fondation du doute Ben&Fluxus à Blois


The Places

The Court of Doubt

Enlarge the pictureAccess to the Foundation of Doubt is afforded by the Court of Doubt, adjacent to rue de la Paix. The visitor is welcomed by a monumental Wall of Words, a public commission carried out by Ben in 1995 and consisting in close to 300 written tablets covering the entire facade. The Court of Doubt is also a venue for summer events (concerts, performances, etc.). By crossing the Wall of Words, the visitor enters the Foundation of Doubt. [For further information]

The Permanent Collections: 50 artists, 300 works

Enlarge the pictureThe works on the movement and the Fluxus spirit brought together by Ben and Gino Di Maggio are displayed on two floors. On the 1st floor, the visit consists in a labyrinthine stroll, room after room, with Allan Kaprow, Wolf Vostell, Philipp Corner, Ben… These closed spaces allow the works to take visitors by surprise... On the 2nd floor, different historic works of the Fluxus movement are displayed in an open area of 400 m² (with George Maciunas, George Brecht, Yoko Ono, John Cage, Robert Filliou, Joseph Beuys…). [For further information]

The Fluxus Café

Enlarge the pictureThe true entrance of the Foundation is to be found in a unique ground floor venue. Integrally prepared by Ben and designed as a work of art, the Fluxus Café is imbued with the Fluxus spirit. It is not only the Foundation's locus for refreshments and conviviality, but also a space for artistic programs: a bar, exhibition tables, sofas, libraries, a stage... All of them are freely accessible and will precede your ascent to the floors and the permanent collection. [For further information]

The Pavillon

Enlarge the pictureA totally glazed exhibition pavilion set up inside a 19th-century cloister is dedicated to a program of special events, exhibitions, lectures, concerts, video projections... This modular 210 m² space is in direct connection with the premises and collections of the Foundation of doubt. Unrestrictedly accessible, free of charge. [For further information]

The Grand Staircase

Enlarge the pictureDesigned as dedicated exhibition space, every two years the grand staircase is confided to an artist for creation of site-specific work. For its launching, the initial creation was confided to Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux, artist, essayist and performance historian. With a touch of humor, his work explores art and its limits … in an absurd and poetic register. [For further information]

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Fondation du doute - Ben & Fluxus collection
- Public Entrance : 14 rue de la Paix /41000 Blois
- Administration Offices : 6 rue Franciade
02 54 55 37 48