Fondation du doute Ben&Fluxus à Blois


The Grand Staircase

Designed as dedicated exhibition space, every two years the grand staircase of the Foundation of doubt is confided to an artist for creation of site-specific work.
For its launching, the initial creation was confided to Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux.

Since 2015, the Grand Staircase exhibits Anna Byskov’s work, with La Bocca della Verità. In her videos, Anna Byskov shocases herself in vain and offbeat actions, in which nonsense outweighs reasonShe develops a world of self-deprecation where situations go wrong and is staged through archetypal characters, aspects of the same personality. Enmeshed in absurd conversations, those characters deploy paradoxically absurd yet plausible dialogues, that often tend to relativize the notion of madness or idiocy. Her sculpture work also relies on this need to counter the value and durability of things, to be sure that nothing will resist time; that once shown, its fragile lines will fall.

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Fondation du doute - Ben & Fluxus collection
- Public Entrance : 14 rue de la Paix /41000 Blois
- Administration Offices : 6 rue Franciade
02 54 55 37 48